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Eco-fascism in America. When the Super Bowl ad features it, you know the culture is bathing in it. A guilty pleasure video. Hey, you drinking that coffee in a styrofoam cup? You have the right to remain silent and politically incorrect.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

For what it’s worth, distinguishing smart environmentalism from phony or compelled enviromentalism are about as different as smog and carbon dioxide. There are digital forests built around this subject, but I tripped across an interesting site called Crunchy Chicken, whose blogger had a thoughtful post on the subject.

“We all know them – they are the environmentalists who make everyone feel inadequate. The ones who push the issues so hard it turns off everyone else, even other environmentalists. They are the die-hards who set the bar so high that people don’t even bother listening to what they have to say anymore because they accept no compromise and make you feel inferior to boot.

So, how does an environmentalist get their message across and educate others while at the same time seeming reasonable and open-minded? Well, for starters, leading by example is the best approach. You can lecture people all you want about any given issue, but the end result is generally raising people’s hackles. Nobody likes to be attacked or criticized for their choices.

As we head into the holidays, it is likely that we’ll be interacting with a lot more friends, family and co-workers and the topics of saving money and the environment are sure to come up. When they do, use it as an opportunity to educate people with some easy to digest facts and offer up what you do to mitigate your impact.

Wait for their lead to offer more information. You will find that if you throw out a few ideas or facts about a topic, people are generally interested in learning more and they get excited if they feel like they are part of the process, rather than approaching it with a series of “you shoulds” or some long-winded response.

When I’m in a mixed group, I’m oftentimes reluctant to spew too much information for fear of overwhelming people. In addition, the possible result of coming off as too stern is offense at one end and boredom at the other …”

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