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Jacobs and Kelly at Smogtown panel – the long lost links

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Sorry it’s taken so long to bring you what we considered a fabulous night at the L.A. Central Library’s prestigious ALOUD program. On our panel were some incredible minds — Tom Hayden, Martin Schlageter and Kevin Roderick — and we still feel honored to have been invited a year and a half later.

Here’s the link to the podcast for the show, which was about 2/3s full — not bad for the middle of the week during a Laker’s Finals game.

Last month, with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s retirement of its last diesel bus, the LAPL’s Metro-transit librarian was kind to us again, highlighting Smogtown as “notable” book

In case you never saw us Googled, Santa Monica style, or made it the 2008 L.A. Times Festival of Books

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Like Al Gore, we’re just dudes with a Power Point and a story to share. Enjoy. This is from May, 2009, when we did an appearance at Google’s sun-splashed Santa Monica headquarters.

Chip also appeared at a panel on unknown/forgotten L.A. History at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in spring 2008. Here’s the link.

Cap and Fade?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

- A few years ago, the real green rancor in America was over Pres. Obama’s plans for a national greenhouse gas cap & trade. That looks dead in the water right now, but market enviros, no need to worry. We have the nation’s maiden smog market to wrangle over, and there’s a lot more here than meets the eys. Anyway, for those figuring all the excitement was in D.C., you might to reset your GPS for Diamond Bar, home of the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

From the L.A. Times:

“Southern California air quality officials adopted a plan Friday to allow industry to expand in the Los Angeles region by tapping into a public fund of free pollution credits. Environmentalists said the plan would add to the region’s smog and soot problems and open the way for new gas-fired power plants to be built in an already overloaded air basin. ‘This vote reverses decades of steady progress we’ve made to combat chronic air pollution,’ said Adrian Martinez, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. ‘Millions of people will find it harder to breathe, harder to see the horizon and harder to play outside with their kids on smog-filled days’ …”

- The Gubernator’s Green Legacy (from the L.A. Times):

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long effort to cast himself in the role of a national environmental champion is losing luster in the waning weeks of his administration, as green groups protest last-minute deals with polluting businesses. ‘How green is he?” asked Bill Magavern, the Sierra Club’s California director. “We came to the conclusion that he’s olive-drab’ …”